Candida Baker


Welcome to my website. You may have found me because of my writing, or journalism, or photography or because of my lifelong passion for horses – or because you’re interested in doing a workshop or clinic with me.  What’s important is here you are – and here I am.

I am lucky enough to live near Byron Bay, in northern New South Wales where my life is constantly enriched by the beautiful landscape surrounding me and by the presence of my horses.

As a journalist I contribute frequently to the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as to numerous other publications I also edit a monthly online horse magazine, HorseVibes, and I’m currently writing my third novel.

I’ve also recently completed my Equine Facilitated Learning training, and so my beautiful horses and I have the privilege of helping people move through difficulties in their lives via my horses’ gentle and non-judgmental communication.  Along with my EFL work, and natural horsemanship, I also work with animals with essential oils and crystals.